John Green Books Review

I’ve read about a few books of John Green such as An Abundance of Katherines, Paper Towns and The Fault in our Stars. Judging from all 3 books I’ve read from John Green’s centers romance as its main focus. I’ve read a lot of fictional romantic stories and I gotta admit that John Green’s writings are one of my favorites. The plot alone is nothing like the usual stories, it will catch your heart and make you fall in love with the story. As you read the synopsis, it will give you the intriguing feeling of wanting to read the whole story.


An Abundance of Katherines book review. The main character in the story, Colin, has a specific type for girls named Katherine. And when it comes to girls named Katherine, Colin always end up getting dumped for the 19th time already. Well, that pretty much explains the title of the book – An Abundance of Katherines. If you will ask my opinion, I think it’s rather funny. I know getting dumped is not a joke, but why would a guy commit himself to falling in love with only girls named Katherine. I thought that falling in love has something to do with the personality and attitude not with the name. But furthermore, it is the very reason why I find the book unique and interesting with a very intriguing story. In my opinion, I loved the book as it has exceeded my expectations. It wasn’t only about romance, but it has several funny points that made the book even more enjoyable to read.


Paper Towns book review. This novel has given me a bunch of life lessons and self-realization. The book is quite thick because it has 3 parts such as The Strings, The Grass and The Vessel. The story is about love, friendship, family, and with a touch of mystery. It started when the male protagonist had this one last night of spending time with his childhood best friend and sweetheart before she went missing and left him only clues. As the male protagonist struggled to search for her with his friends, when they finally found her, the girl explained that she left the clues because she wants him to know that she’s ok and that she doesn’t want to be found. The story has given me so much life lessons that life is not perfect, life is sometimes not what you expect it to be, but you can find peace within you if you choose to look for it. In my opinion, the story is too long because it will promise you a lot of moral lessons. There are points that I got bored reading it but overall, it’s a fantastic book full of knowledge and lessons. I would still recommend this book because I was able to pick up a lot of lessons.


The Fault in our Stars book review. Before I was able to read this book, the movie was already out in cinemas. Since I’m a “book before movie” person, I bought a copy and read it before watching the movie. The plot of the story was a bit mainstream wherein one of the main characters has a deadly disease. Some books of Nicholas Sparks: A Walk to Remember and The Last Song, and a few Filipino local movies has the same plot. This kind of story happens to a lot of people all the time, it’s because dying is inevitable, people die everyday which gives the writers the same inspiration to write the story. Although the reason I gave it a shot is because Ansel Elgort is my crush because he’s a talented musician with an incredible voice and I love Shailene Woodley for her Divergent trilogy and she looks hot in her short hair. Plus, I think they’ll make a perfect match, so I read it. And here it was, I was surprised as I finish reading the book because the ending wasn’t as I thought it would be. I was already expecting the girl to die since it was clearly pointed out in the whole story that her case is just getting worst. Then there was this even more dramatic turn of events where the guy dies first. I wasn’t really expecting that! I mean come on John Green? Why? The case of the girl was bad enough. But yeah, I was caught off guard and the end of the book left me dumbfounded.


I heard that Looking for Alaska is good book, too? I might read it next one of these days. But if you have any thoughts about it feel free to comment down! Or if you got any John Green books you want to suggest that I could read, let me know! 😊


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  1. I thought of his work superb too! Im glad you have this section on your site. It’s good to know someone with common grounds as mine. 🙂


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