All-You-Can-Eat Korean Restaurant

Samgyeop Pocha is a Korean Grill and Rooftop Lounge situated in Leonard Wood Loop, Baguio City near Azalea Residences. I am a huge fan of Korean dishes myself and I’ve been constantly craving for Korean food my whole life. As a result, I’ve tried numerous Korean Restaurants in Baguio (I think I’ve tried all) and some here in Manila. As far as I know, Samgyeop Pocha is the best one yet in Baguio City. They offer huge variety of food, name it and they have it!


Korean Grill & Rooftop Lounge

It was my first time to eat here so we came here early and we were their first customers. Which, of course, made my little kid-heart giggle in happiness as we dive in all those dishes with no other customers to start with. What made me even happier, or my tummy happier rather, is that there’s just so many to choose from and I wanted to have a taste of every dish which is impossible because there’s just too many.

I was so overwhelmed by the buffet inside the restaurant and even more when I got outside the rooftop lounge because there’s this another set of long tables that offers another varieties of Korean food. The place is so huge and is perfect for buffets. I chose to dine at the rooftop lounge but it was too cold that time so we stayed inside. Either way, the place is still cool.

Korean Grill


Rooftop Lounge


All-You-Can-Eat Korean Buffet

For only PHP399.00, you got yourself a Korean food worth-it buffet. Not bad for the food and the place. For my fellow Filipinos with a cross-breed Korean tummy out there, the price could be pricey at some point but I guarantee that it’ll be worth it. You can thank me later.

The food in the first picture below is called Fish Cake. It’s a Korean street food and is one of my faves. If you’re a person who loves Korean buffets then you know that it’s not a common food on buffets. But still, Samgyeop Pocha has it on their tables. Good job, Samgyeop Pocha, for validating the faith I have in you.


The Restaurant: What To Expect Inside

After satisfying my tummy, I went to get a picture of me in one of the restaurant’s walls that has a painting of our oppas! Delighted as I was in my picture below, I did the Korean heart pose that our beloved oppas do! (Haha, well what can I say I’m a fan)

The comfort room is so neat and clean and it didn’t look dirty like those of the other restaurants. I’m honestly a critic when it comes to the cleanliness of the place especially the comfort rooms.. Because the neatness of a place is how you can tell that the restaurant is worth recommending. In business it’s how you get returning customers. Overall, I give the restaurant a huge thumbs up.

The Comfort Room

I wasn’t able to get a picture inside, but this is how it looks outside. Cute!



OPPA Wall-Painting



Other Photos


Other Information

Operating Days/Hours: Open daily at 3PM – 1AM

Wifi: None

Parking Lot: None

Accessibility: Yes

Near Town Proper: Yes

Facebook Page: Samgyeop Pocha


How to get there:

Option 1: Via Jeepney

Ride a jeepney at lower session road near Harrison that has a minesview jeepney signage. Tell the driver to drop you at Samgyeop Pocha or Azalea.


Option 2: Hire a taxi

You can always hire a taxi to minimize the hassle. It’s really just near the town proper, and if you’re in the mood and got plenty of time you can walk from town proper to the restaurant.


Option 3: Via Private Vehicle

From SM Baguio, continue to T. M. Kalaw Street. Then take North Dr and Leonard Wood Rd to Leonard Wood Loop. Continue to Leonard Wood Rd. After passing by The Camp, it’ll be your signal that you’re near.




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