Hackspace – Makerspace and Cafe

Heads up food bloggers! Here’s a cafe situated in the Summer Capital of the Philippines: Baguio City. Hackspace Cafe is the first makerspace and cafe in the North! A fast internet connection comes with every dish you order. This cafe is designed for students and young professionals who needs a place to prepare school projects and business stuff with a fast internet connection. What makes this cafe more unique, they have a 3D-printer that can print figures you want which adds up to the very reason for action figure collectors to make this cafe their number one target.


The Cafe

Hackspace cafe’s exact location isย Veneracion Dormitory, #3, Sumulong St, Baguio City. Don’t forget to swing by when you visit Baguio. They are open from Monday – Saturday at 9AM to 9PM and on Sundays at 1PM to 9PM.

As you enter the cafe, you will notice the wall beside the counter has the different designs and examples of what a 3D printer can produce. You can choose from dining in a table with chairs or there’s an area where you can just sit in the floor that has a small table, too. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.


The Menu

Delicious! I can only comment this because for a food critic like me I have quite a standard for food and drinks. As for me, I ordered The Lovelace – chicken pesto sandwich, and Blueberry Lassi for my drink. I’ll be posting below their menu but price changes all the time so make sure to follow them on their Facebook Page, Hackspace Cafe.


The 3D Printer

Are you an action figure collector? Or do you want to have something to be printed in 3D? Don’t worry because Hackspace got you! Message them on Facebook if you want to 3D print something with them.


The Internet Connetion

Just like what I said earlier, this cafe is designed for students and young professionals who needs a place to finish paper works and stuff. The internet connection here is faster than those of computer shops. The best thing about it is you get to dine in a serene atmosphere where you can finish group projects and research in the most comfortable way ever.

Oh, and did I mention earlier that for every transaction you make in Hackspace, a portion of the profits go into helping improve the STEAM education and application in Baguio City. Dope.





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