The Nook Cafe, Maginhawa Street

Pack your trunks and ready your wands and head to this Harry Potter themed cafe located in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City. Potterhead or not, this cafe will surely amaze you with so many great features and things you can do inside. As soon as I got here, I can’t wait to wear my Gryffindor robe and cast spells (sorry, potterhead since day 1). It was my first time to visit a Harry Potter themed cafe and my experience in totality was super duper awesome! Allow me to take you in this magical place, first we have to head to Platform 9 3/4, kidding!


  1. How to get there
  2. The Nook Cafe – everything you need to know, the menu
  3. Other Information – operating days/hours, etc
  4. Video Compilaton – virtual tour, Youtube Vlog


How To Get There

Option 1: Via Commute

From Ortigas EDSA ride a bus with an SM Fairview signage and tell the diver to drop you at Philcoa, bus fare is PHP18.00. Charter a tricycle to Maginhawa Street and the fare is PHP9.00 only. Don’t let other drivers trick you with the fare. It’s the only fare you should pay, nothing more nothing less.


Option 2: Via Private Vehicle via Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4

Head west toward Epifanio de los Santos Ave/Pan-Philippine Hwy/AH26/C-4. Take the exit toward Kamias Rd. Turn right onto Kamias Rd and turn left after Burger King (on the left). Turn right onto Malingap. Turn left at the 3rd cross street onto Mapagkawanggawa then turn right onto Maginhawa Street.


Option 3: Via Taxi

There’s always the easiest way and less hassle if you don’t mind paying more for your fare. Hire a taxi straight to The Nook Cafe, Maginhawa Street.


The Nook Cafe

A witchcraft and wizarding world located in Maginawa Street will surely leave you a magical experience and enchanting feeling. Welcome to The Nook Cafe!



As you enter inside the cafe, you’ll see the stair to the second floor (my favorite part of the cafe) and the counter where a lot of Harry Potter fandoms and stuff are placed on the counter table. There’s also a broomstick above you and an alley wall painting on your right which makes it look like the broomstick is flying towards that path. The cafe is a bit narrow which is why I wasn’t able to take photos at each corner, but no worries, I compiled a video for you guys to see! I’ll link it down below!

As you go up to the second floor, you’ll see the 4 robes of every single house you get sorted into (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) and you can wear ’em while dining. Isn’t that the coolest thing ever?! Wands are available, too, you can use them all for photo shoots. The fun doesn’t end there, there’s a library where books are available and not only Harry Potter books are in there. So there’s a choice for you to geek out, too! There’s a wall where you can post letters of your experience, mostly about how people would geek about Harry Potter stuff.



The Menu

Some of the food and beverage on the menu are related to Harry Potter and the best choice or recommended at all times is the Butterbeer.



Other Information


Operating Days/Hours: Open daily/1-10PM

Address: A, 164 Maginhawa, Diliman, Quezon City, 1101 Metro Manila

Contact Number:  0915 974 3660

Facebook Page: The Nook Cafe


Youtube Video Compilation


Your Virtual Tour:

We ate at the Str-eat Food Park afterwards, since Maginhawa is a Food Strip and where all food lovers head to eat and bond with their family and friends, you will see in the video our hunt to find our dinner.


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