About the blog

Her name is Joana Gutierrez, a simple 23-year old girl consumed by wanderlust and endless thirst for adventures. Like any other girl on the planet, she loves to travel but unlike those girls, she wants to share how she does it. She has had countless misadventures like getting scammed or spending more money than usual because of some unavoidable situations. Because of this, she wants to share her experiences in travelling so that other travelers will not go down the same road. She has tried sleeping at airports or bus terminals and travelling at night just to save spending money on hotels. She wants to do more in her life than just traveling, she wants to inspire and give tips about travelling at the same time. She writes travel articles to persuade people to travel and see beautiful creations of God. And she will never stop doing it until the world has nothing left for her own eyes to see.

Joansfootprints is a travel blog created to build beautiful memories and to create inspiration to many. It hopes to bring joy in the hearts of her readers and hoping that one day her travel diaries will be a source of inspiration to many that traveling the world is an unending happiness.

The writer and the blog’s 3 main goals:

  1. To be an effective influencer/advocacy about mental health awareness
  2. To be an instrument of this world to help educate people how to take good care of our Mother Nature
  3. To extinguish body shaming and encourage people to be proud of their flaws


“I wanted to do more than just traveling, I wanted to inspire and persuade people.”