The beach is my own personal favorite happy place. The peaceful atmosphere at the beach brings me the perfect relaxing feeling. When I walk by the beach I feel free when the cold breeze of wind embraces me, and the waves washes is my toes as it washes away the stress I feel. When I’m at the beach, I am at my happiest.


Below is a list of things you should not forget when going to the beach:

  1. Sunscreen or sunblock
  2. Cap to protect your hair
  3. Sun glasses to protect your eyes
  4. Beach towels
  5. Ladies monthly equipment โ€“ donโ€™t paint the beach red!
  6. Power bank
  7. Chargers
  8. Mobile phones and cameras
  9. Cash or ATM cards
  10. Flashlight
  11. Tent for camping
  12. Hair products
  13. Goggles


Search the web and head to the nearest beach in your place. Have a happy trip! ๐Ÿ™‚