Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park: Blog and Review

Days before our staycation in Vista Tala, I was physically and emotionally stressed about work and grown up stuff. I went on a 2 days 1 night staycation with my co-bloggers last March 23-24 in a sophisticated resort in Orani, Bataan and poof, I found the best medication for my stress-fueled heart. Before anything else, [...]


Siblings Restaurant and Cafe: Dagupan City, Pangasinan

Heads up foodies and food bloggers in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, here's an instagrammable restaurant and cafe worth to put on your list. Pick your choice from their menu of pizzas, vegetable salads, meat course, desserts, and pastries. Perfect for birthday celebrations, family get together, and barkada group eat outs! Siblings Restaurant and Cafe is located [...]

I tried cooking myself: Kawa Bath in Tanay, Rizal

Ever wondered if you taste good or not? Kidding! Real question is, have you ever tried getting a hot bath from a giant cooking pot? I mean like literally cooking yourself with fire from a stashed wood underneath the pot you’re in? Cause I’m telling you, it’s way more exciting and fun to do than [...]

Romantic Place in Tagaytay – Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe

If you’re a person who loves magical and romantic places, this café in Tagyatay is definitely something you should not skip on your itinerary! Colorful lights, dream catchers in different shapes and sizes, arts and crafts, romantic decorations, mini stage and musical instruments, delicious food and beverage, board games and card games, imagine all this [...]

Campsite in the Sky – Valleypoint Campsite, Benguet

There's nothing better than being indulged in the wellness of nature. I never thought that camping in the sky with an astonishing mountainous view could be possible! Experience camping in an unlimited sea of clouds, dine in a window seat restaurant, watch a stunning sunrise with a complement of cool atmosphere, drink to an unlimited [...]