It wasn’t Luck that got you this far this year – 2018 Year End Blog

No one knows how long and frustrating this year could’ve been for you. No one could’ve ever known the exact feeling. People know your story, but they don’t know how sad it feels. No one knows how you spent shorter days and longer nights thinking of what could’ve happened and why it has happened to [...]


1 Awesome Year of Blogging

It has been a bumpy hell of a year fam! And I am so happy for everything that I was able to accomplish in the blogging world. May it be small or big, I always acknowledge each as an achievement and another milestone to fill in the million sparkling stones of my charm bracelet of [...]

The Geek Inside Me

There's always that part of me on the inside that reminds me so much of my childhood days. The geek inside me never left and is always there to remind me of what kind of person I was back then. I'm not so sure if I'm gonna be proud to say that a geek high [...]

An open letter of self-love and acceptance

“I hate myself for being me. I want to be pretty like her.”   Never wish yourself to be somebody else. The most comfortable feeling in this world is just being who you are. No masquerades and no pretentious little games in your life just to impress people. Once you accept yourself, it’s when people [...]