It wasn’t Luck that got you this far this year – 2018 Year End Blog

No one knows how long and frustrating this year could’ve been for you. No one could’ve ever known the exact feeling. People know your story, but they don’t know how sad it feels. No one knows how you spent shorter days and longer nights thinking of what could’ve happened and why it has happened to [...]


Longest Zip Line in Bicol

A thrilling experience awaits for you in the municipality of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte. Experience the fun as you fly like superman or just sit and watch a breathtaking scenery in the longest zip line in Bicol! Whether you are on for adventure or not, this will surely give you a mixed feeling of [...]

Caramoan Island

A paradise isolated in Camarines Sur is the Islands of Caramoan. This is in no doubt the islands remain unexploited from commercial tourism which tops the very reason to have a perfect island getaway in its majestic islands. Caramoan gives island hopping a new meaning as it boasts stunning sandbars and turquoise waters. Explore the [...]

Filling Station: A Retro Dining Experience

Heads up to food bloggers out there! Here’s a restaurant you should not be missing out. Filling Station is a retro themed restaurant located in Makati Avenue. This place was specifically inspired by a retro movie series “Riverdale”. I have been to so many iconic themed restaurants around the city and this is yet one [...]